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AISI304 Decorative Smartdrain (150mm)

Comply With SS213:1998
AISI304 Decorative Smartdrain (150mm) SS213:1998


For the minimalists customers who are seeking for something sleeker than the traditional gratings, Norika has the alternative modern smart drain in Singapore. Here, the grating is replaced with either tiling or marble to create an almost ‘invisible’ drain. The Smart Drain is easy to maintain as the tile can be easily lifted for cleaning whenever needed and with a drainage filter that is enclosed within is designed to keep out pests.

Conventional forms of grating and floor drains come in chrome finishing, PVC or aluminium which tend to look worn out over the years due to regular use. With NORIKA Smart Drain, prolonged use will not affect its appearance because visually the Smart Drain’s surface is the floor tile itself. Norika is one of the best options when it comes to floor traps in terms of versatility, aesthetic appeal and functionality. Through extensive product research and testing, the NORIKA Smart Drain is manufactured in 304/316 stainless steel grade and its body in uPVC for optimal durability. Compared with other gratings or floor traps in the hardware market, NORIKA Smart Drain is unparalleled with a higher water flow rate of 30-40 litres per minute.