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Sensor Basin Pillar Tap (WELS 2 Ticks)

Comply with BS EN 200:2008, SS 448:1998, BS EN 248:2002, AS/NZS:4020:2005, SS375:2015, SS 270:2015
Sensor Basin Pillar Tap (WELS 2 Ticks)


Norika’s sensor basin taps integrates intelligent design with reliable performance. The DZR brass material of the pressurized faucet parts ensure long lifecycle for the products and safe for consumption as the material is lead free. It also comes with a water-saving technology that minimizes water consumption without compromising the experience.

And because of its automatic design it will prevent the spread of any infectious diseases as physically operating the tap is nonexistent.

Sensor Self-Closing Delayed-Action Tap (SCDAT)