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Equipped with our strong work ethos & our team of service providers at Norika work in tandem with you to achieve cost effectiveness and best result solutions.

Norika Solution

Product and Project Consultation

We provide product and project consultation to better understand your requirements. This includes project calculation and technical consultation to establish on-time and seamless sanitary hardware integration that adheres to industry quality standards.

We offer customization of water sanitation hardware products to achieve specific needs and conform to industry requirements for water systems. Equipped with the capacity to accommodate PPVC projects in overseas casting facilities, we have the ability to support civil works and building construction developments in Singapore and within the region.

To facilitate our clients’ projects, we also provide Bill of Quantities and Schedule of Rates in water and sanitary in the building and construction industry.

Norika Solution

On-site Support

For a total water hardware solution, our engineers and technicians work together with reliable partner companies for on-site installation and setup. Upon system implementation, clients can be assured of reliability in continued hardware support for warranty and maintenance of products.

Norika Solution
Norika Solution

Product Logistic Management

To support project productivity and cost efficiency, our service extends to product logistic management, ranging from warehouse storage, local delivery, packing, to overseas delivery. With our extensive delivery fleet and warehousing infrastructure, we can ensure timely and accurate distribution of water and sanitary hardware supplies for your projects.