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Connecting water with Singapore Green Building Certified Product

Creating lasting value for
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Norika PEX F5 & F6 Multilayer Pipes and fittings is Certified Singapore Green Building Product.

A member of the World Green Building Council, SGBC (Singapore Green Building Council) is Singapore’s national representative to a global network of close to 80 green building councils and is widely recognized for its comprehensive coverage of sustainability criteria that has been developed by the building industry, for the building industry. The objective of Green Product Certification is to assess the holistic framework and highlight the way forward to achieve excellence in environmental performance.

Norika is proud to achieve this Green Label for PEX products as we view this as being one step closer towards a more sustainable and greener plumbing industry.

The Norika Pex Multilayer pipes, F5 and F6 fittings are SGBC Green Label certified. Green Label certification is a complex and arduous process that requires both the manufacturing plant and the product itself to comply with stringent energy and water management policies. In order to achieve the Green Product Certification, Norika PEX products have gone through thorough material testing such as ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive) and complete MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). Our manufacturing plant has also achieved numerous ISO standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 including Occupational health and safety management systems (OHSAS 18001).

These are just some of the criterias that need to be satisfied in order to justify its environmental sustainability of the product and achieve the green label. Advantages of PEX push fittings include flexibility, lightweight, time and cost saving and ease of installation. With its flexibility, durability, long coil lengths and lighter weight, PEX has quickly become the preferred piping choice for residential plumbing and commercial domestic water systems, including risers, distribution piping, in-suite and even underground applications. One of the main benefits of using PEX pipe versus rigid pipe is its flexibility. PEX can often maneuver around corners without the use of elbows or other additional fittings. This reduces the number of connection points, lowers material cost and minimizes potential leaks.

Norika have 2 types of PEX pipes, straight pipes from 16mm to 75mm and coil pipes from 16mm to 32mm. Straight pipes are cut 5.8m per length and coil type ranges from 50m to 200m. F5 PEX fittings are pressfit connection and F6 PEX fittings are push fit connection, both types of connections are user friendly, improves productivity and efficiency.

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Liang Chew SGBC Products

Other products under Liang Chew that has also achieved Green Label Certification.

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Norika PEX f5 & F6 Mutlilayer Pipes and Fittings plays a part in Green Building Design that helps create a sustainable structure through lower energy costs and achieving an improved quality of life

Pex Multilayer Pipes & F5 Press-Fit Fittings

SKU: PEXF5E9016 to PEXF5E9075

Comply With BS EN ISO 21003-1:2008, BS EN ISO 21003-2:2008+A1:2011, SS 375:2015

Available types:

  • Multi Layer Pipes
  • Equal Elbow (Type F5)
  • Reducing Elbow (Type F5)
  • MI Elbow (Type F5)
  • MI Adaptor (Type F5)
  • FI Elbow (Type F5)
  • FI Adaptor (Type F5)
  • Wallplate Elbow (Type F5)
  • Equal Socket (Type F5)
  • Equal Tee (Type F5)
  • Reducing Socket (Type F5)
  • Reducing Tee (Type F5)
  • FI Tee (Type F5)
  • MI Tee (Type F5)
  • FI Union (Type F5)
  • End Cap (Type F5)
  • Assembly Double Elbow (Type F5)
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Pex Multilayer Pipes & F6 Press-Fit Fittings


Comply With BS EN ISO 21003-1:2008, BS EN ISO 21003-2:2008+A1:2011, SS 375:2015

Available types:

  • Multi Layer Pipes
  • Equal Elbow (Type F6)
  • FI Elbow (Type F6)
  • MI Elbow (Type F6)
  • Reducing Elbow (Type F6)
  • Wallplate Elbow (Type F6)
  • Equal Socket (Type F6)
  • Reducing Socket (Type F6)
  • FI Adaptor (Type F6)
  • MI Adaptor (Type F6)
  • Equal Tee (Type F6)
  • Reducing Tee (Type F6)
  • FI Tee (Type F6)
  • MI Tee (Type F6)
  • End Cap (Type F6)
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